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Company Profile

Pery has been operating since the 70's, and since then it has become one of the most experienced, professional and dynamic companies in the field of vehicles. All the vehicles held by the Company are maintained regularly by professional staffs, who are obligated to the customer and to his convenience of use of the car. The Company's experts are at the clients' service 24 hours a day, including full accompanying throughout the whole process of sale, purchase and rental.



All car types

The car sales' department offers fancy vehicles from the leading car manufacturers in the world. The sales center includes a prestigious exhibition hall on 30 Yitzhak Sadeh St. in Tel Aviv, for the sale of new and used cars. The center holds a wide variety of cars – small, family, executive, minivans, commercial, minivans, luxury, special vehicles under exclusive marketing by Pery, cabriolet cars and also vehicles under personal order.

Credit plans and car financing

The Company's uniqueness is its provision of a variety of immediate credit and financing plans offered to the client, up to 100% of the car's value. Every customer can receive a flexible and attractive plan that is personally adjusted to him and to his financial abilities.

Full garage services

A modern and advanced central garage for operating uncompromising and comprehensive examinations on the car. Personal care by a professional, experienced and reliable staff by giving service to the Company's customers – repairs (including bodywork and paint), logistics, licensing and insurances for all car types.

Professional service

A professional, courteous salesperson shall escort you throughout every purchase, acquisition and sale, and will provide an answer to all your needs. We take responsibility for a safe purchase – all vehicles arrive with full warranty and with an option of care in the Company's garage. Because in Pery Company you are buying from a good home and with no concerns


Branches spread throughout Israel

The Company's branches are spread at your service in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem ,Haifa, Ra'anana, Holon, Ashdod and Be'er Sheva, and they all offer full service door to door. The receiving of the car and its return are done in the airports, and a special service for tourists is also available.

we would gladly be at your service.




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